The Penis Ice Luge – Penis Ice Sculpture for Parties

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found a do it yourself penis ice sculpture kit for bachelorette parties.  What made finding this penis ice sculpture kit even better is that is is actually a penis shaped ice luge so instead of just having a fabulous and fun bachelorette party center piece, you can pour your vodka or other shots and liquors through the top, catch it out of the bottom of the shot ice luge and have a cold shot or drink ready to go before you all head out on the town for a fabulous night.

Penis ice sculpture kit & Penis ice shot luge

Penis ice sculpture kit & Penis ice shot luge

Penis shaped ice sculpture – penis ice drink luge– $21.99When I was reading reviews on the penis ice sculpture and penis ice luge a few things kept coming up.  If you try to fill the mold and then stick it in your freezer, the sculpture will break, and no one wants a broken pen*s.  Instead, everyone recommends you create the penis ice sculpture and shot luge in three steps.

What you do is fill the mold 1/3 of the way full.  Then when it is completely frozen you fill the next 1/3.  Once that is frozen then you do the final 1/3 of the penis shaped shot luge.  Then when you’re ready for the party, simply remove the mold and you’ll be ready to go.  I highly recommend trying to create it one or two times before the party so you have practice and won’t ruin it on the day,,,since it takes a while to free this mold and build the sculpture.  You’ll also have a reason to have a drink or two after work if you practice building this sculpture which is a definite good thing as well.  I don’t currently have the penis shaped ice sculpture or penis ice shot luge, but I am going to be ordering it for my friends Bachelorette party in a few months and cannot wait to try it out and show it off at the party.

The penis ice shot luge is an awesome bachelortte party must have for any straight woman or gay bachelor party. Not only will everyone absolutely love it, but they’ll have more and more fun pouring their shots and drinks through it before you are ready to go out. I cannot wait to buy mine in a few months for my friends Bachelorette party and will definitely leave a comment with how it works…and maybe a video to show how much fun we had with it. This is a seriously cool product for a gay bachelor party or bachelorette party and something that will definitely cause a rise when people come in. The penis shaped ice shot luge and penis shaped ice sculpture kit will not only save you hundreds of dollars from having a professional create one, but everyone at the party will love it and the bride or groom to be will definitely thank you when they see it and get to take the first shot from the penis ice luge. Even if they don’t drink, what better centerpiece than a penis shaped ice sculpture for your gay bachelor party or bachelorette party. Order the do it yourself penis ice sculpture kit or penis ice luge by clicking on the image or link above in this post.

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