3 Things Married People Have to Change Their Names On

Getting married is one of the most wonderful things in life.  Changing your last name is definitely not one of the wonderful things about marriage though.  It’s no wonder that many couples now-a-days have decided to keep their original last names.  The thing is that it can be a pain in the butt to have to change it because of lines, government offices, etc…  If you’re getting married and are changing your last name to your partner’s last name, here is a checklist of 3 things that you’ll not want to forget to change.

Your License.

The most obvious thing to change when you take your partner’s last name is your license.  To do this you just need to go to your local DMV and have all the proper paperwork.  Because there are a million different DMVs that all require different things, I don’t have a link to share with you.  Try Googling your local town name with the term DMV after it.

Your Passport.

This is one that many people forget about until it is to late.  By the time you get ready for your trip, you may not have time to order a new passport.  Luckily there are places where you can order new passports online as well as order one for a name change.  My personal preference is VisaHQ.com.  VisaHQ makes it simple for a passport name change and gives you all of the instructions right on their website.

Your bank accounts and personal checks.

This seems like a no brainer, but many people forget to order new checks with their new last name on them.  If you change your last name and have your new last name on your license but forget your checks and bank account, you may end up not being able to use them.  Have you ever gone to a gas station or department store and they ask for your ID when you use your credit or debit card?  Guess what, if they don’t match you can’t use it and you end up embarrassed and without the products you wanted.   Luckily you can order checks online by clicking any of the banners below, but you have to go to your bank to change the last name on your account.

City Girl Personal Checks



Getting married is an amazing thing, but changing your last name is a pain.  If you do decide to take your partner’s last name, make sure you don’t forget to change everything else.  Start with your license and bank accounts, then move onto your checks, passports and other documents.