Santa Claus Pajamas for Men and Men’s Sexy Santa Pajamas

One thing that many couples love to do around Christmas time, if you celebrate Christmas is to role play on Christmas eve and have a little fun with Santa and his elves or Santa and the naughty boy or naughty girl.  Not only can playing Santa be fun, but you also get to wear some fabulous styles of Christmas Pajamas like these Santa Claus Pajamas for Men.

There are a ton of types of santa claus pajamas for men out there but since this is a wedding blog I am going to skip over the normal cartoon santa claus boxers and skip to the more fun and somewhat sexy santa claus pajamas for Men for newly weds which also work for the morning in case you have house guests and just want to look festive.   Not only are the fun to wear at night and perfect for looking like you are in the holiday spirit in the morning, but many of the santa claus pajamas for men below are also made of extremely comfortable materials and will be the perfect christmas pajamas for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Christmas bathrobes for men.  Santa Claus Christmas Bathrobe for Men – $ 29.99
This fabulous and sexy Men’s Santa Claus Bathrobe and santa hat is the perfect way to not only come into the bedroom to put on a fun and flirty show for your partner, but you’ll also be able to wear it in the morning to see your friends and family while you unwrap presents and enjoy a fabulous christmas morning together.  I love this Santa Clause Christmas Bathrobe for Men and think it is the perfect christmas bathrobe to not only be sexy for the bedroom but fun for the entire house.
Christmas Bathrobes for Men – Santa Claus BathRobe for Men – $ 29.99
If you live in a colder area or enjoy bathrobes that are a bit more plush, this fabulous mens santa bathrobe set will not only help to keep you dry and warm when getting out of the shower but it will also be the perfect way to surprise and intrigue your partner on Christmas Eve.  Not only can you put on some fabulous and sexy santa boxers below, but you can definitely get things going with this sexy yet festive and able to be worn around the house christmas bathrobe for men.
Santa Claus Pajamas – Santa Claus Christmas Pajama Pants for Men – $ 13.99
Fun and flirty, these santa claus pajamas and santa claus pajama bottoms for men are the ideal way to not only turn on your partner but to also wear downstairs with the matching santa hat in the morning.  Lined with a fluffy fake fur look, these santa claus pajama bottoms for men are the perfect holiday pajama bottoms for men.
Red Santa Claus Christmas Boxer Shorts for Men – $ 9.99
These are probably my favorite sexy santa claus boxers and sexy santa claus pajamas for men.  Not only does the fabric scream romance but the three buttons and fluffy trim scream newlyweds and that you are ready for an explosive christmas eve and that your partner needs to get ready to unwrap their favorite christmas gift.  These sexy santa claus boxers for men are the perfect pair for the perfect couple who wants to have a romantic night on Christmas Eve.
Red Flannel Christmas Boxer Shorts with Matching Santa Hat for Men – $ 8.99
These red flannel santa claus christmas boxers for men are the perfect holiday chistmas pajamas.  They not only look comfortable but they are also perfect for the holiday season.  If you don’t like the bright red santa claus christmas pajamas for men than you may want to try these darker looking red santa claus boxers for men.

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