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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy So if you do not understand sarcasm, I strongly suggest you turn around and leave this page now. If you enjoy sarcasm, then please read on and find out why people need to quit their bitching about high gas prices, and why I am super excited about gas hitting the $10 per gallon threshold. I would also like to extend a round of applause to big oil.

Big oil has taken heat over the years for not only polluting our environment, but for ripping people off and getting a really bad wrap, and I do not think this is fair at all. Why should they take the heat when it is us who is driving the cars, requesting SUVs and gas guzzlers, not to mention joyriding and taking family drives. We should be out riding bikes and walking to work if we wanted to make a difference. Not to mention that would help to get our country back in shape. I for one and praising big oil for the huge increases in gas prices and they should be given a standing ovation for trying to make driving a benefit to the rich. Besides that though, these high gas prices are just their way of helping with our common annoyances and big oil providing a solution to pollution. I like to call it the T.R.I. (Traffic Reduction Initiative).

Big oil has been hounded for years on gas emissions and destroying the ozone, so they are now charging us an arm and a leg to fill up, which can easily be seen as a way to help people realize the dangers of driving and how it is destroying the Earth. By them charging more money to fill your tank, they are helping to control excessive driving and over abusing our roadways and planets natural resources. Now people think twice about driving for fun, or taking a spin to let off energy. People are now starting to think about riding a bike or jogging to release their frustrations instead of damaging our air and harming the Earth for future generations.

The next benefit of these high gas prices is that it is the "green" and "eco friendly" thing for big oil to do. Think about it, with gas prices soaring, people are now investing money in alternate ways to fuel their vehicles and heat their houses. If prices were to remain low, it would be to late before we began testing new and alternate forms of fuel. Countries like Japan would easily take over this market and cost American workers even more jobs. Big oil is looking out for the safety and American Economy by pushing us out of the nest like a mother bird and helping us to secure American jobs for the future in alternative energy. Because of these high prices, we now have hybrid cars, more miles to the gallon and lower emissions on certain vehicles. We should be thanking Big Oil Executives for helping us clean the air and stimulating the minds of Americans, not trashing them for raising gas prices.

Now, when many of us were kids, our parents would take us for a family drive, this was a horrible waste of our natural resources and is what has helped to cause global warming. It is unacceptable. Big Oil is helping us to realize the error of our past ways and is now making more people get fit by encouraging us to take family bike rides, instead of family pollution "destroy the Earth" hazard rides. By having us take walks with our families, bike ride on trails, and spend quality time with our families. Americans are now discovering the joys of family together time and getting in shape, strengthening our organs and muscles and helping us to extend our lives. What is so bad about families coming together and helping each other grow healthy, fit and strong? That's what I thought! Big Oil is to thank for our family together time and we should be writing them letters of thanks, not hate mail for upping the price of gas.

A third benefit of high gas prices are those college and high school students which go out and get drunk on the weekends, or drive to bars and then drive home. It is unacceptable that these people would endanger the lives of everyone because they felt like drinking and driving. With higher gas prices, these selfish people are now starting to not be able to afford the gas and think twice about driving to the bar. It is now starting to make more sense for them to walk or ride a bike to the bar or party, and some of them are now seeing how much more economical it is to call a cab. If you share a cab with a couple friends, you have now saved a ton of money, not to mention the lives of people which you may have killed or injured by your drunken driving. This is only another benefit of Big Oil raising gas prices. They are helping to make the roads safe from drunken drives and wreckless students who are not paying attention to the road.

Big Oil is helping to protect the environment, make the roads a safer place and secure jobs for the American people and all we can do is bitch about them. I think that everyone who has complained should be ashamed of themselves and write a nice apology letter to the Big Oil companies. I mean let's face it, without them we would never get from here to their and they are leading us to a cleaner and brighter future. Driving might turn into a gift for the rich in the future, but Big Oil is helping us to see the error in our wasteful ways and making us realize that we need to take action now to protect out futures. I applaud them and wish each of you would do the same.

I am happy to announce the Gay Wedding Gear Online Shopping Mall is now officially open for business. I am adding more stores and coupons on a weekly basis so check back often.

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.