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Aliens are some of the weirdest, scariest and most original or even the coolest costumes you can buy and wear for Halloween and other parties. Not only do you get to speak and make up your own language as well as make jokes about the mother ship and even anal probing (I had to, sorry) but you also get to be seriously creative, carry ray guns to shoot things with, you can be cartoons, evil, alien fighters, have big eyes, huge feet, tiny heads, be from anywhere in the universe and even get to change into other aliens throughout the night if you want. The costumes are also cool, you can do retro aliens, you can do modern, you can be Marvin the Martian or even Ben Ten from Cartoon Network. There are a million options for Alien Costumes and by going through the links and images below you don't have to break the bank to find the perfect alien costume on sale. I know I already had a few people come through and use coupon codes at both halloweenmart or my personal favorite store use the code below for a serious discount and coupon code for

Anyways, there are tons of choices for your favorite alien costume and you can buy alien costumes on sale here by clicking through the links to go to my favorite costume shops online and save a ton of money on the perfect Halloween Alien Costume for this year.

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kids alien costume
Alien Child Costume

This is probably the coolest alien costume available. It is a classic alien that not only looks cool but also is cool. I love the colors, the mask and the whole outfit and know you will to when you get to see this Alien costume in action. This is a seriously cool costume. Includes a black robe with green and silver accents, attached foam collar, and latex alien mask. Gloves and shoes not included.... more

ben ten costume
Ben 10 - Alien Force Child Costume

This is your favorite alien fighting cartoon character Ben Ten from Cartoon Network. Not only does ben ten fight the evil aliens, but he also has some seriously cool stuff for this costume. The Ben Ten Costume includes a jumpsuit and toy weapon. The Ben Ten Costume does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Ben 10 ™ costume.... more

childs alien costume
Martian G Child Costume

I wish the picture of this Alien mask for kids was bigger. It is a pretty cool and pretty scary alien mask and I know your boy or girl is going to go out of this world this Halloween with this alien mask for kids. Includes a light green plastic alien mask, attached dark green bandana with the "A 51" logo on it, goatee, black eyes with small holes to provide adeq... more

Predator Deluxe Latex Hands

These are some seriously scary alien hands and gloves. From the horror movie predator, these alien gloves are not only realistic to wear and help to complete your costume, but if you get used to them you can even hold things and have them be at least slightly functional all night. If you want a seriously cool accessory for your alien halloween costume, you have to buy these alien hands. Includes a pair of all latex gauntlet hands/gloves. One size fits most. This is an officially licensed Alien vs. Predatorand#153; product.... more

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Alien Deluxe Latex Hands

Ok, if those other alien hands didn't do it for you because they are kind of cheesy and you want something that is seriously professional and affordable,,,these detailed alien hands are the perfect hands to match your scary or even regular alien costume. They are made of latex though so if you are allergic to latex or latex gloves, you may want to try a different pair, but if you are not then you have to buy these detailed alien hands. Includes a pair of super detailed collector quality Alien hands. Remember the Mask for a complete set. This is an officially licensed Alien vs. Predat... more

White Cotton Adult Gloves

These are just what the link says, just plain white gloves in case you are doing a simple alien or generic alien and don't need a ton of detail but need to cover up your hands. Includes gloves.... more

adult alien costume
Alien Adult Costume

Ok, this is a cool alien costume for adults. Not only is it a full costume to wear so you don't have to buy a million separate pieces, but you'll also be able to match a female or a male alien and pretty much fit into any alien category and group. This is an awesome adult alien costume that comes complete with a headpiece, a robe, and the matching hands.... more

purple adult alien mask
Purple Alien Adult Mask

I'm not such a fan of this mask, but then again not everyone likes the same things or the same costumes so if this purple alien mask is for you, then go for it. It is pretty cool but you will need to buy something to wear with it,,,unless you just throw on some clubbing clothes and call yourself you ex. Includes latex mask with attached wig. Does not include costume or make up.... more

Illegal Alien Adult Costume

Ok, this is a seriously funny costume to wear, especially with all of the border patrol and immigration issues going on around the world. It is the illegal alien costume and an absolutely funny costume to wear to your halloween party. Includes mask, jumpsuit, card. Does not include shoes.... more

scary alien mask, evil alien mask
Green Gremlin Monster Adult Mask

This is a seriously scary alien mask and although it does not come with an alien costume to match, you don't even need one with this scary alien mask. It is a full head mask and look at the face, uchhh scares me just looking at it. If you want an evil alien mask or something scary to wear, don't just bring a picture of an ex, wear this scary alien mask and you are sure to send a few people into orbit. Includes mask. Does not include shirt.... more

Elf Ears

Well, not everything christmas can be for christmas. These elf ears work perfect for human aliens from different shows we all know and love. Buy these alien elf ears and have some fun this halloween. Includes one pair of elf ears, One-Size fits most.... more

Tin (Silver) Adult Boots

Ok, I love these stripper and slutty alien boots. They are perfect and gorgeous and probably impossible to walk in. If you want to be a sexy or slutty alien this halloween, you have to buy these boots. Includes one pair of silver high heel boots.... more

Star Trek Movie 2009 Spock Ears

Here are some more pointed alien ears for your costume if you are doing a human alien costume. Includes: Ears.... more

monsters vs. aliens kids costume
Monsters vs. Aliens Deluxe CockRoach Child Costume

This is from the hit movie monsters vs. aliens and is a seriously cool kids alien costume. The movie was a huge hit in the box office so it is sure to be a huge hit this halloween. Buy your monsters vs. aliens costume here and save with our coupon codes so it is like the monsters vs. aliens costumes are all on sale. Includes: Jacket, Mask. Pants and shoes are not included.... more

area 51 kids alien costume
Area 51 Child Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit, headpiece, and hood. Makeup and shoes not included.... more

Monsters vs. Aliens Deluxe Missing Link Child Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit, Mask.... more

alien costumes
Biohazard Collector Child Costume

Includes: Mask, hood, jumpsuit, and gloves. Boots not included.... more

Star Trek Classic Gorn Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask Adult

Includes: Mask.... more

Star Trek Classic Mugato Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask Adult

Includes: Mask.... more

Land of the Lost Deluxe Sleestak Adult Mask

Includes: mask.This is an officially licensed Land of the Lost ™ product.... more

Alien vs.Predator Deluxe Predalien Overhead Latex Mask

Includes: Overhead mask. This is an officially licensed Alien vs. Predator ™ accessory.... more

Alien vs. Predator Predator Gloves

Includes: Pair of hands. This is an officially licensed Alien vs. Predator ™ accessory.... more

Land of the Lost Sleestak Adult Plus Costume

Includes: Shirt, Mask, Gloves, Pants, Shoe Covers. This is an officially licensed Land of the Lost ™ costume.... more

Land of the Lost Sleestak Teen Costume

Includes: Shirt, Mask, Gloves, Pants, Shoe Covers. This is an officially licensed Land of the Lost ™ costume.... more

Land of the Lost Sleestak Child Costume

Includes: Shirt, Mask, Gloves, Pants, Shoe Covers. This is an officially licensed Land of the Lost ™ costume.... more

Land of the Lost Sleestak Adult Costume

Includes: Shirt, Mask, Gloves, Pants, Shoe Covers. This is an officially licensed Land of the Lost ™ costume. ... more

Parasitic Twin Child Costume

Includes: Smock with sculpted parasite and pants. Make-up not included.... more

Alien Deluxe Adult Mask

Over-the-head latex mask with mouth open and inner jaw poised to strike. One size fits most adults. Remember the Alien hands to complete the look. Thi... more

Predator Adult Costume

This costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, shoulder, arm and leg guards, belt, necklace, hands, and mask.... more

Predator Dlx Mask w/Removable Faceplate

This unique latex mask offers some separate dreadlocks, deluxe paint job and closed mouth mandible so the Predator Helmet can fit into place. Removabl... more

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