Alice in Wonderland Costumes

I cannot wait. I'm going to go see the brand new Alice in Wonderland Movie today. I love the way Tim Burton has redone the story, the characters and the costumes. Alice in Wonderland Costumes are looking fabulous. The Queen of Hearts Costumes have gone diva and the Mad Hatter Costumes for Men are absolutely etravegant. Everything you would expect from a Tim Burton remake of a movie. Goth, Glam and Gorgeous. I am loving all of the Alice in Wonderland Costumes that I am seeing hit the stores and know that they will all be a huge hit for either singles or couples or group costumes for Halloween, movie showing and parties all year round. Leave it to Tim Burton to take a classic and make it even more fabulous. Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes by clicking the images and links below and make heads role this Halloween and at all Costume parties this year and every year after. These are some of the most memorable, loved and feared characters of all times and since everyone knows them they are perfect year round. Use coupon code haunt65 to save 10% on orders over $65 at

Bunny Set Adult

Includes: Ears, tail and bow tie.... Ok, so here's the deal with the bunny ears and not so alice questions. Sometimes the girls like to do it sexy and since the rabbit was an old rabbit and male, they use these bunny ears and bunny costumes to supplement and make their own verison of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. more

Pink Deluxe Bunny Accessory Kit

Includes: Gloves, glitter ears and tail. Dress and stockings not included.... Hello, glitter and glam, glitter and glam. I love things that sparkle for Halloween and costumes so if you are doing the bunny or white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland then you have to go with Glitter and Glam. more

alice in wonderland purse
Queen of Hearts Purse.
And who doesn't love accessories? This Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Purse is a must have for regular goth wear and even more important to carry your accessories and party supplies around in this Halloween. Not to mention it also makes for the perfect candy bag for take home and to go treats this halloween. No room for heads when you fill this Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Purse.

Includes purse. ... more

alice in wonderland bag
Alice in Wonderland Movie - Alice Tote

Includes: Tote.... more

Alice in Wonderland Movie - Queen of Hearts Tote.
These are perfect for trick or treaters. Large enough to hold a ton of candy and small enough so parents don't flip. I love the Alice in Wonderland Tote Bags and know that you will love them and find them practical when trick or treating or party hopping this Halloween.

Includes: Tote.... more

alice in wonderland shoes
Queen of Hearts Adult Shoes.
Ok when I first saw these shoes I was like Spice Girls in Wonderland...ok not so much the Spice Girls in Wonderland but I did think they were/are diva in Wonderland Shoes. Hello Lady Gaga Pokerface, eat your heart out with these diva high heeled platform Alice in Wonderland shoes. I love these Alice in Wonderland shoes to death and if you are doing either Alice or the Queen of Hearts this year you have to have these shoes. No questions or exceptions.

Includes one pair of black with red accents high heel platform style shoes.... more

Alice in Wonderland Flats Shoes
Alice (Black) Patent Flat Adult Shoes Even if you are flat footed, these Alice in Wonderland card shoes are perfect for you. Probably more comfortable than a high heel, definitely still stylish for the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Includes: Shoes.... more

Alice in Wonderland High Heels
Sexy Queen of Hearts Adult Shoes.
Ok I love these shoes, they are also the Lady Gaga Avantguard Shoes meets the Diva Queen of Hearts Shoes from the Tim Burton Version of the Alice in Wonderland Movie. These are a must have for the Queen of Hearts Costume if you want heels but not platforms. They are also perfect for Lady Gaga Poker Face costumes.

Includes: Shoes.... more

Queen of Hearts (Black) Patent Flat Adult Shoes.
Ok, not as much of a fan of these flats, but hey not everyone has the same taste. You'll love these shoes if you love flats and they'll go perfect with your queen of hearts costume.

Includes: Shoes.... more

striped tights
Striped Tights Adult.
These next 6 images are all different variations of striped tights which are a key part of virtually all tim burton variation costumes. Goth and Glam they are perfect for many of the Alice in Wonderland Costumes.

Available in: Black/White, Yellow/Black, Red/White, Neon Green/Black, Black/Purple, or Neon Pink/Black.... more

Black and White Stripe Thigh High Tights

Black opaque nylon thigh high stockings with horizontal opaque stripes.... more

Black Striped Tights Teen

Includes tights.... more

Harlequin Thigh Highs Red and Black Adult

Includes: Thigh highs.... more

Child (Black/White) Striped Leg Warmers

Includes leg warmers. Does not include petticoat.... more

Extra Long Striped Leg Warmers Adult

Includes: One pair of Leg Warmers. Does not include shoes.... more

alice in wonderland jewelry
Alice in Wonderland Jewelry Kit.
Need jewelry, hunny these Alice in Wonderland Jewelry kist are for you. Need to be Alice for the night, how could you do it without her glam and bling? Eactly. Why shop a million stores and places trying to find all the pieces of the Alice in Wonderland when we have taken the trouble out of it for you. Buy the pre made Alice in Wonderland Jewelry kits.

Includes earrings and choker. Does not include costume. This is an officially licensed Rebel Toons ™ © United Trademark Holdings, Inc. product. ... more

Alice In Wonderland Movie - White Witch Tote.
I love this white witch tote bag and cannot wait to see the movie today to see how she acts and reacts...maybe it'll be off with her head and I'll have the Alice in Wonderland White Witch tote bag to carry it Wow that was morbid.

Includes: Tote.... more

tweedle dee tweedle dumb bags
Alice in Wonderland Movie - Tweedle Tote.
Ok everyone has made tweedle dee tweedle dumb comments in their lives. I'm sure everyone has made or heard one about two best friends that do stupid things as well. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are absolutely fabulous and I love the way Tim Burton has portrayed them and this tote bag is absolutely fabulous and amazing.

Includes: One Tote.... more

Alice in Wonderland Movie - Mad Hatter Tote.
Every Johnny Dep fan needs to have this Mad Hatter tote bag. Not only is it fabulously demented and fabulous but it is the perfect tote bag to carry this Halloween.

Includes: Tote.... more

alice in wonderland Alice Costume
Miss Alice Teen Costume

Includes: Dress with lace up front. Tights, shoes and hair ties not included.... more

chesire cat costume
Cheshire Cat Adult

This classic fairytale cat includes a heavy one piece jumpsuit with attached tail, fur headpiece, mitts and shoe covers.... Ok, the chesire cat has always been above and beyond one of my very favorite characters. I never really got him or understood him but I don't think you are supposed to really get the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I love this Chesire Cat Costume and think it is the perfect Halloween Costume for the mischevious and kind of unique person in the group...not to mention the fun one who does what he or she wants.more

queen of hearts costume
Enchanting Queen of Hearts Adult Costume.
And here she is, the Diva Queen of Hearts Costume from Alice in Wonderland. How can you not want to be the Queen of Hearts and have the Queen of Hearts Costume for this Halloween and all year round for Costume Parties.

Costume includes: collared petticoat dress with marabou trim, stockings, and crown. Shoes and flamingo not included.... more

Alice Peasant Dress Adult Costume

This sexy Alice includes blue and white apron dress and thigh high stockings with bows. Lace petticoat sold separately. Black hair ribbon and shoes no... more

Queen of Hearts Dress Adult

The Queen of Hearts Dress costume includes: long dress with queen card print top and red bottom, heart-styled tiara, heart wand, and choker with heart... more

Alice Plus Adult

Includes a blue dress, white apron, and headband with attached bow. Petticoat, socks and shoes sold separately.... more

Queen of Hearts Elite Collection Adult Costume

Costume includes a full length gown with zipper in back, white lace collar and cuffs, black and white satin bodice with red heart accent and black pep... more

Mad Hatter Plus Adult - Fairytale Classics Costume

Includes a velveteen jacket with attached faux shirt, argyle print pants, bowtie, and a three tier hat. Available in adult Plus size. Shoes, tea cup, ... more


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