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So I was recently at a corporate summit and party and I noticed everyone going crazy over who gets a blinking toy or a glow stick or one of the light up ice cubes. The odd thing is that at events, parties and weddings, these little pieces of plastic are not only apparently the coolest inventions on earth, but they sort of become a form of currency for the guests. I mean I swear, this one woman started to think she was at Mardis Gras just trying to get a glowing blue light up bracelet. Now I don't particularly see why it becomes such a big deal to have the most, it doesn't make you macho, it doesn't make you cool, but what it does do is provide the guests of the party something extra to play with and have fun with. Not to mention that when all the blinking and light up toys are a glow, it makes for a cool effect.

So here is a way to incorporate glowing, light up and blinking toys and accessories into your wedding without it being tacky.

Before I continue with the glow and light up wedding ideas article, I would like to recommend my personal favorite store for anything and everything blinking, glowing and light up, They sell everything blinking or light up that you could ever imagine and at wholesale prices. is perfect for weddings as well because they are not only affordable, but they sell in everything from 12 units to 12,000. Pick your quantity and will sell it to you at the wholesale prices listed on the site. Just make sure you order online to keep the low prices. Now onto the article, the first few things are ways to incorporate glow and light up toys into your wedding, besides the obvious blinking and flashing pins and buttons or the light up and LED light glasses. The second half of the article is how to have fun, set up games and hold contests using light up toys.

Light Up and Blinking Ice Cubes

The first item I recommend using for your wedding are light up ice cubes that blink, or the light up ice cubes that stay a solid color. The cool thing about these are that you can have one placed in each glass of water before the wedding dinner starts so that when everyone gets to their seats for dinner and the lights are turned down, you'll see a cool effect and everyone will be sharing and more than likely comment on the neat idea. If you want to take it to the next level as well, I would recommend buying the ice cubes in solid non blinking or flashing in the colors of your wedding and then have the waiters and waitresses or caterer place them in the glasses of water so that the drinks match the decorations and the wedding party. Consistency is a key part to success.

Now suppose you do not want to spend the money on a ton of light up ice cubes, one thing you can also do is to buy a limited amount and either give them only to the kids or to give them to the kids as well as the rest go to the bar to be put in whatever drink you choose as your wedding drink. Either or any way you look at it, light up flashing ice cubes are always a hit with every crowd.

Glow Sticks and Glow Jewelry

Glow sticks, glow bracelets and glow necklaces are perfect for virtually every occasion. Not only are they cool to watch make colored streaks in the air when it is dark, but everyone loves to wear glow jewelry like the glow bracelet or the glow necklace. The only thing is that people get very carried away with them and will crack and wear them way before you may want them too. Now I am all about the glow sticks, glow bracelets and glow necklaces while your band or dj is playing and people are dancing, but dinner and the speeches should be about you. This is why I recommend buying glow jewelry in advance (never trust the dj as this is one detail that almost always gets messed up, even if they guarantee they will get the right ones) and then hand them to the band or dj to toss out into the crowd. Not only will everyone begin dancing with glow sticks, but they will start wearing, combinging and sharing all of the glow bracelets and glow necklaces as well.

Something to also consider when you are picking out glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces is to think about the colors. Glow sticks come in a ton of colors and so do the bracelets and necklaces. Something fun to do would be to match them to your wedding colors. Also, if there is a swimming pool or small pond where your reception is going to be held, a cool effect is to take the glow sticks and to light them and toss them into the pool or pond for a light up lake effect. You can also take the glow sticks and hang them from balloon archways and balloon decorations to really make balloon decorations stand out. Glow sticks, Glow Bracelets and Glow Necklaces are a guaranteed crowd pleaser as well and they can help make a gorgeous decoration stand out and better them, especially when you turn down the lights for the nights dancing and party.

Now here is a fun idea for light up toys and glow wands. A glow wand is a glow stick except it is a couple of feet long. You can either use one of them, or you can use a piece of packing tape or a connector in the middle to make it longer and then you all of the sudden have blackout limbo. I mean how cool is it to have everyone in their glow sticks, glow bracelets and necklaces, then have them do the limbo under a glow wand at your wedding. Hell another cool effect is to get the blinking and LED light eyes glasses so that you see the face as they pass under the glow wand limbo stick. Not only is glow in the dark limbo fun, but the wand is awesome for the kids to play with afterwards. You'll see everything from Star Wars moves to baton twirling, just make sure the kids are supervised as spinning batons and light savers can get thrown and become real weapons easily. Well not a real weapon, but it will definitely annoy someone if they get hit or bumped with one.

The next game or idea you can use light up toys and with also helps take care of wedding favors for you. You can bulk order flashing and blinking fingers, teeth, eyeglasses and more from flashy blinking lights, and as the night progresses, have the dj play a snippet of your wedding song, and each time that is played, the dj will hand out the next piece of light up blinking or glow accessory (i.e. the glowing or blinking eyeglasses or the light up LED mouth lights, the glowing finger covers, etc...) and to get the end of the wedding wedding favor, you need to get all of the glowing accessories. This is a way to keep people at the party until a reasonable hour and stop people from making excuses to leave early. Especially the excuses like my kid needs to get to bed. You'll be able to say, are you sure, because he/she's over there running around and playing with the glow toys and wedding favors right now, "how about you let the kids tire themselves out and join the party for a while, you do need some time to relax and it's been forever since we've all been together anyways". LOL Basically this is a way to get back at them for guilt tripping you into staying late at that dinner party they had or going to a movie or game night when you really wanted to stay in. Plus, this is your big night, they should be there until everyone is ready to leave. Well, that is my opinion at least. The glowing and light up wedding favors are a perfect way to keep an interest in the dj and dancing as well as keep the wedding party going all night long.

On a final note, I am happy to let you reproduce or reprint etc.... the content you find on Gay Wedding Gear, however I would like to ask that if you do use or reference the content found here, you provide a hotlink or backlink to Thank you again for visiting and check back often for new updates and news.