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Gay wedding invitations are some of the most important things with gay weddings. Not only do your gay wedding invitations define the color scheme, the theme, if its formal or casual, but they also help to determine the type of wedding you will have. If you choose formal dark colors, it could be a formal wedding. If you go with blues and whites or snowflakes it will let everyone know you are having a winter wedding. If you choose wine colors or vines, you could easily be doing a vineyard or fall wedding. Your gay wedding invitations completely set the mode for your wedding which is why you need to find the perfect gay wedding invitations to define your wedding and you need to also find the best store to buy gay wedding invitations at. That is why I went through a few of my very favorite invitation shops to find the best recommendations for you. You can find everything from pre-made and already designed gay wedding invitations to custom made and printed ones. Regardless of what you are looking for, these stores will have the perfect invites for you and your wedding.

gay wedding invitationsWedding Paper Divas is one of my very favorite gay wedding invitation stores. Not only do they love to cater to the GLBT crowd, but numerous friends of mine have ordered everything from their announcements to their actual invitations from them and they have always come out amazing. Then again, with a name like Wedding Paper Divas, how can you not have fabulous invites for the GLBT community. Wedding Paper Divas is above and beyond one of my personal favorite GLBT card shops and when I finally get married, they will be one of the very first places I look for my invitations.

gay wedding invitation storesTiny Prints is a sister company to Wedding Paper Divas. What I love about Tiny Prints is that it not only carries fabulous lines of everything from save the date magnets for your wedding, but they also carry everything else you could ever imagine for invites, calendars, photo albums and custom printed wedding invitations with your photo on them. Tiny Prints is absolutely one of my favorite shops and after you look through the thousands of custom printed gay wedding invitation products you'll see why they are the second store on my list of the best gay wedding invitation shops online.