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So with all the banks going under and tons of foreclosure commercials on buying forclosed homes and how to profit off other people's misfortunes, I started to think of bad energy left behind in a home and if that could effect your marriage.

Now, I for one and not one of those hippy people who believe in good and bad vibes or Karma, however, to some extent, we all freak out about things. Suppose someone dies or is murdered in a house, all of the sudden, the real estate agents have a very hard time selling the house. In reality, the house is no different than if the tragedy never happened. When I was watching a news program about people loosing their homes to foreclosure and then a commercial right after about how to buy foreclosed homes, I started to think, the people who owned that house must have had a ton of sadness and hardship as they were loosing their home, so in theory if those feelings are left behind when the bank forces them to leave, would that essentially be the same or a similar negative feeling or energy left behind after a tragedy. Both remain inside the structure and both are bad things that unfortunately happened to the residents.

Now, although there was a bunch of bad in the house, what happens then if you move in and only have positive attitudes? If you do have a positive attitude and your partner and yourself bring new life to the foreclosed home, can you then counteract the negative balance and begin turning it into a good and warm feeling?

I don't really know why I am having this thought with foreclosed homes, but at the same time, I have always wondered why people don't feel bad or aren't scared of a jinxed/foreclosed home but they are freaked out about and the property value drops on a home that had a tragedy. In both situations there is the same types of bad energy left behind from the depression of loosing your home or loosing your life (sometimes both) so why does it make a difference?

My recommendation when buying a foreclosed home is that you and your partner look carefully at the reason the person defaulted on the home and see if you can bring in positive energies. To further help bring in good spirit and hope to the building, I would also recommend finding out what charity if any the prior owner that defaulted liked and make a nice donation in their honor. Anything to clear out the bad and make room for the good so that you and your partner can bring a new life and new energy to a sad place in my mind at least is a benefit to the long term happiness of your lives in the structure and helps to build more positive energy inside leading to a happier house spirit.

This really was a random thought and doesn't match much for a wedding site or cohabitation, however I felt really bad after watching the program where they interviewed people loosing their homes to foreclosure and other people buying them up to resell while the people who are evicted watch their possessions be sold off auction format and loose their homes.

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